Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan’s 2012 version of the caped crusader is a very far cry from Adam West’s 60’s Batman. You’ll remember the catchy surf rock intro na-na-na-na-na-na-batman from the TV series! And that fight scenes were punctuated by comic book style colourful captions. Pow! Oof! Bam!  Christain Bale’s Batman is far more brooding. He is called out of retirement to defend Gotham City from Bane and Catwoman.

The setting for the Dark Knight Rises happens 8 years after Harvey Dent (Two Face) dies. The blame for his death landed at Batman’s feet. Commissioner Gordon is keeping up this charade but it’s beginning to take it’s toll on him and he’s seeking to retire. Bruce Wayne, devastated by the death of Rachel, is basically a hermit. A cat burglar breaks into his mansion and steals copies of his fingerprints which are later used to bankrupt Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile Bane, an ex-member of the League of Shadows is plotting to destroy Gotham City using Wayne Enterprises technology.

Dark Knight Rises Video Slot

Brought to you by Microgaming, Dark Knight Rises is a 5 reel video slot.  The game gives you 243 ways to win. It has a 96.41% RTP.

Fight Mode

This is a randomly triggered feature. Batman and Bane will have a punch up on your screen. When they land a good throw the character will be awarded free spins and multipliers. The battle ends when one of the character gets driven off the screen.  In order to release those free spins and multipliers you’ll need to trigger the free spins bonus feature.

Free Spins Bonus

You can activate the free spins bonus feature by landing 3 scatter bonus symbols on the reels.  You can then choose to play wither Batman or Bane.  If you choose Bane your wins will trigger the rolling reels feature. Basically an “avalanche” or “swooping” style feature where the winning symbols disappear and new symbols drop into the reels. This gives you more opportunities to hit winning lines. 

You’ll also find the Super Stacked Wilds feature – the logo is the wild and created a wild stack when it appears on rows 2 and 4. This feature can only be unlocked after the free spins bonus has been activated 10 times (at the same bet level).

If you have chosen Batman for your free spins bonus round you’ll get the Extra Wild Blast feature.  You’ll have to pick a symbol to act as an extra wild.  Once you have played Batman free rounds ten times you’ll unlock the Heat Seeking Wilds. Random symbols on the middle reels transform into wilds which can divide into two giving you more chances of winning.

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