Thor Slot Game

Another video slot brought to you by Playtech; Thor. The game is based on Thor: The Dark World. If you haven’t seen it we’ll discuss the plot outline in a minute.

Characters in the game include Thor (obviously), Heimdall the Gatekeeper, Loki, Odin and others. The scatter symbol is Thor’s Hammer. Hit 5 scatters to win x100!

Thor’s Re-Spins

If Thor’s stacked symbol covers reel 2 you’ll receive a Thunderstorm Re-Spin with Thor as an expanded wild symbol. If Thor’s symbol covers reel 4 you’ll score a Lightning Free Spin with up to 5 wilds added randomly to the reels.

Rainbow Bridge Feature

When Heimdall covers reel 3 you’ll activate the Rainbow Bridge feature. You’ll have to pick and click an orb which will either send you to Earth or Jotunheim to play your free spins round. Both free games environments offer slightly different symbols and rewards. In the Earth landscape you can win Scorching Multipliers whereby a lava monster will set fire to some random symbols and your win will be multiplied depending on how many burning symbols feature in your winning payline. You can awarded up to x16 multiplier!

If Heimdall covers reel 3 during free spins you’ll be sent back to the Rainbow Bridge where you can pick an orb that will either give you more free spins or send you back to regular game play in Asgard.


You can also win one of 4 progressive jackpots during the game. They are called Ultimate Power, Super Power, Extra Power and Power Jackpots. If you trigger jackpot bonus feature (this happens randomly) you’ll have to pick symbols and try to match 3 of the same. If you do manage to match 3 of the same you’ll win the correlating jackpot!

Thor: A Dark World Plot

Thor is a Norse god living in Asgard. Known for his strength and his massive hammer and regular arguments with his mischievous brother Loki.  The first movie introduces us to Thor’s world and what happens when he lives on Earth.  The second movie is all about his world.  A long time ago there was a cosmic event called “the convergence.” This basically enables portals to open into each of the 9 realms (one of which being ours).  The enemies of this movie are the Dark Elves, and their goal is to unleash the power of the Aether. The Aether itself is a time immortal object and one of several to hold vast quantities of power. Naturally the Dark Elves have designs on using the power of the Aether for evil! Their goal is to destroy all the realms and rebuild them better and more Dark Elvish.

The Asgardians defeat the Elves and hide the Aether somewhere safe.  Fast forward thousands of years later to modern times and Loki is in trouble for trying to take over the world in the first movie. The portals to other realms have opened again and Thor’s human love interest gets transported into another world, finds the Aether which is absorbed into her body and she ends up in Asgard to be investigated further. This event also reanimates the Dark Elves who vow to continue with their nefarious plan.

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